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Burnout: Taming the Beast

Anna Lampart Coaching would like to invite you to a crash course webinar on burnout.


Due to the current global circumstances, there is a need to deepen everyone's knowledge about this hot topic.


The objective of this webinar is not only to raise awareness about burnout in the workplace, and provide the tools for coping with it, but also to offer a clever perspective along with insights for a vast understanding of this phenomenon.


The problem of burnout is not solvable in the course of one webinar. The goal is not for participants to walk away healed from - or immune to - burnout but to be equipped with knowledge that, when applied, will put them in a better position to deal with it.


To keep participants engaged, the webinar will not be a monologue, but a mix of knowledge-sharing and interactive activities. An emphasis will be placed on practical solutions that everyone can implement daily.


During the webinar participants will learn the following:

  • Susceptibility to burnout is a function of team dynamics as much as individual traits.

  • Burnout is not a weakness.

  • There are things you can do to keep it in check.

  • If left unaddressed, it will snowball out of control.

  • The key to avoiding or mitigating burnout is for the entire team to work together to create a supportive environment (Awareness, Compassion, Vulnerability).


The aim is for participants to:

  • Be less susceptible to burnout.

  • Know to how deal with it if it does occur.

  • Feel more comfortable discussing it.

  • Be on the lookout for it - building general and self-awareness.


  • Introduction

    • Meet and greet

    • Agenda

  • Knowledge-sharing sections:

    • What is burnout?

    • How to detect it?

    • Toolkit for dealing with it.

  • Interactive sessions:

    • Practicing the use of tools introduced in the knowledge-sharing section.

    • Check-in, quick 1 min Q&A to keep participants engaged and gauge their thoughts.

    • Q&A: fielding questions asked during webinar

    • Open discussion: encouraging participants to share their thoughts and experiences

  • Summary

    • Recap of most important points

    • Closing statements


My unique offer at the end of this webinar is to offer you a 30 min Follow-up Session, which will be based on checking in with you whether your takeaways were valuable.

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